Tennis Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date modified: 23 October 2014 09:00
ITF Recognition: Not recognised

General Info
Country: Bosnia/Herzegovina
Federation: Tennis Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contact Name: Kenan Malicbegovic
Telephone: +38733555155
ITF Recognition: Not recognised
Number of Licensed Coaches: 216
Gender distribution of employed coaches: Male/Female (%):
Part-time/Full time (%): 35/65
Licensing Scheme
Coaches Licensing Scheme: Yes
Eligibility: All coaches that passed Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 courses
Benefits: work at tennis clubs, work for national squads
License Types: Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3
License Fee: €200 - one time fee for education
Period of Validity: Lifetime
Procedure for renewal: Attendance at National Tennis Coaches Conference once a year
Other details:
Course Framework
TitleIndependencyHours with TutorPlayer LevelPlayer Level (ITN)Standard TaskAdditional InformationResources Used (Books)Resources Used (Video)Resources Used (Web/Other)Number of Tutors
Level 1Yes56Beginners & kids 1010&U onlyPlay Tennis Manual (ITF)Play & Staywww.tennisplayandstay.com3
Level 2Yes71Up to 14&U performance players 5Coaching elite players/Club director12&U, 14&U onlyDevelopment of young tennis players (ITF)Technique forehand (FFT), Technique Serve (USTA), Characteristics of technique for 10-14&U players (LTA)www.humankinetics.com3
Level 3Yes74Up to 18&U performance players 3Coaching in clubs/tennis schools18&UAdvanced coaches manual (ITF), Group tennis drills for competitive players (ITF)www.tennisicoach.com3
Tutor Education
Continuous Development Programme: Yes
If yes, give more details: National coaches attend at least 1 or 2 conferences per year organised by either the ITF, Tennis Europe or other national associations
Resources given at training courses:
Entry Requirements:
Do you run formal Tutor courses? No
For which coaching levels do you run tutor courses?
How long does the course take?
National Coach Association
National Coach Association: Yes
Affiliation: Yes
Name of NCA:
Contact Name at NCA:
Number of NCA Members:
Annual Fee: €25
Entry requirements: anyone involved in tennis work (coaches, club directors, members of national association)
General Activities: annual tennis coaches conference
Benefits / Other information: discount on tennis equipment (Babolat & Head)

Coaching Competencies

Coach of Beginner and Intermediate players (ITN 6 and under players)

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Coach of Advance Players (ITN 3 - 5)

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Coach of high performance players

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