Competency Comparison: Introduction

To deliver an effective and sustained programme that meets athletes’ needs, coaches need the competency—demonstrated capability in a given context—and underpinning knowledge.  The competencies are shaped by the values of the coach. These values are reflected in everything coaches do; they include identity, mind-set, philosophy and ethical perspective.

The purpose of the Competency comparison tool is:

  • To establish common/international language
  • To promote international standards in coach education
  • To encourage development of the National Coach Education systems
  • To enable easier assimilation of the competencies acquired in other countries

The tool is based on Learning outcomes, Performance criteria and Description of standard. Learning outcomes are statements of what a learner is expected to know, understand and/or be able to do at the end of a period of learning.

Performance criteria are the elements that show that the candidate has demonstrated the competence related to a specific task or learning outcome.

Description of performance standard defines the level of competency achieved in giving the performance criteria. (NOTE: Description of standard ‘appears’ when you hover the mouse over any of the performance criteria)

In addition to the 'Learning outcome/Performance criteria' information, the tool indicates whether the skill is acquired during the course in any selected country. In case that the NA has more than one level for education coaches of Beginner and Intermediate players it will be indicated by which level the performance criteria is assessed.

In order to compare two countries please mark them in the list and click compare. The comparison will show which performance criteria should be acquired for Coach of Beginner and Intermediate players in the selected national coach education systems.  

Map of Activities / tasks for Coach of High Performance Players ITN 1-2

Map of  Activities / tasks for Coach of Advanced Players ITN 3-5

Maps of Activities / tasks for Coach of Beginner Players ITN 6 - 10